Dress Code

At Janet Hays and Co., we believe that following a dress code for class is important both for safety in the classroom and for instilling the discipline and tradition you expect when enrolling your child in dance class.  Dress code for dance class pertains to hairstyle, dancewear, and footwear.  Please see our Dress Code Page on our website for details (Classes > Dress Code).

Some gentle reminders about hallway and waiting room etiquette…

  • No drinks other than water should be brought into the building.
  • Keep waiting room noise to a minimum, so as not to disturb the dance classes!
  • NO GUM is allowed in the building
  • Keep hallways clear by not sitting on the floor, using coat hooks for clothing, and taking dance bags into the classroom.
  • The area near the front desk is not a waiting room; unless you have business to conduct, please do not linger at the front desk.  We have benches and chairs on the lower level in our waiting room or you may stand quietly in the halls to watch classes through the viewing windows.

Lost and Found

We collect numerous items daily that we place in our Lost and Found area!  It is located in the alcove near our front desk.  This is for your convenience, so that families can access it through the building’s main entrance during the day, even if our studio is closed.  We will be disposing of any items left here for more than 30 days, so please check soon, and check often!

Bathroom Breaks

Dancers, please visit the restroom before class!  The women’s restroom is located on the lower level, in the locker room.  The men’s restroom is located on the upper level, near the office.  Our policy for students who request a bathroom break during class is as follows:  Students in preschool classes will be sent to the restroom with their own parent, if he/she is available.  Otherwise, they will be sent with another available parent from the same class or with a teacher’s assistant if one is available. Older students are permitted to visit the restroom alone.


Preschool classes are often rewarded with stickers after doing a good job in dance class.  Because these stickers serve as an incentive for the young dancers, please do not request stickers for their siblings.  This diminishes the value of the “reward” for their efforts.

Classroom Observation

Informal observation is always available through our classroom door “viewing windows”; however, if you notice that your child is watching you, rather than the teacher, please step away from the window, so that the class can maintain its progress.  Also, please do not watch classes from the steps or from the alcove near our Lost-and-Found.  It is not safe to block the steps, and it is distracting to the class because you are in plain sight.  Our official Observation Weeks are held twice a year, at which time parents are welcomed into the classroom to observe their children and video the class.

Attendance and Make-up Classes

Although regular attendance in your own class is most beneficial for your progress, we understand that occasionally you must miss your class.  (If your child is ill, please keep her home!)  If you would like to make-up any absences, please ask your teacher for an appropriate class.  Once you have been given a suggested make-up schedule, please make a note of it, so you can refer to it for future use. 

Studio Closings due to Weather

Sometimes we need to cancel classes due to inclement weather or building emergencies.  If weather is questionable, please check our website, our Facebook, and your email to see if classes are being held.  Teachers will not be calling you.  When we plan our annual calendar, we anticipate that all classes will miss one day due to snow.  Thus, if a class is canceled once, it will not be re-scheduled.  However, if any class has two cancellations, then we will hold that second missed class during the Winter Break/Snow Make-up Week because we want all of our classes to stay on track with their progress.  You are welcome to make-up any class that you miss in a similar class that we offer.  

Student Schedule Changes

If a schedule change becomes necessary, parents must notify the office in writing prior to the change. For student withdrawals, we appreciate verbal notification as soon as possible, but your account will remain active and continue to be charged until we receive written notification, which we must receive by the 1st of the month, or your will be responsible for that month’s charges.