Our school is different than most because we do not charge for tickets.  Our Recitals are open to all family members and friends who want to join us for this big event!  Our preschoolers and kindergarteners perform in their own Recital, and we're proud to say that their show is only about ONE HOUR LONG - we like to keep it "short and sweet."  Likewise, school-age dancers are divided among the other shows, and their performances are kept in the 1.5 - 2 hour range.  Our audience seems to appreciate that!

Please call if you'd like more information about our Recitals!

My daughter is going into her 9th year at Janet Hays and Co. It is definitely one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Not only are the staff wonderfully talented dancers, they are wonderful teachers and people. They care very much about their students and parents. They work very hard to accommodate everyone’s needs to make sure you and your child are pleased with the outcome at the recital. I love that the staff is sensitive about people’s time and run their recitals very efficiently. I’ve heard nightmare stories from friends that attend recitals that last for hours. I always say, not me!!

I refer anyone to them, without hesitation, friends, neighbors, anyone who is looking for a positive dance experience. My daughter is as excited about dancing today as she was when we walked in the door 9 years ago! I could go on and on, but Janet Hays is like a second home to my daughter. She looks forward to receiving her 16th year recognition and I look forward to watching her do it!
— Stacie Grilli