Janet Hays and Company is like our second family! We have been with the studio for 14 years; the staff cares about educating Marie not only as a dancer, but more importantly, as a person of character. Her education from the studio has given her the poise to perform on stage in many different platforms and will go with her as she moves on towards college and beyond!!!
— Janet Dykstra
My daughter is going into her 9th year at Janet Hays and Co. It is definitely one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Not only are the staff wonderfully talented dancers, they are wonderful teachers and people. They care very much about their students and parents. They work very hard to accommodate everyone’s needs to make sure you and your child are pleased with the outcome at the recital. I love that the staff is sensitive about people’s time and run their recitals very efficiently. I’ve heard nightmare stories from friends that attend recitals that last for hours. I always say, not me!!

I refer anyone to them, without hesitation, friends, neighbors, anyone who is looking for a positive dance experience. My daughter is as excited about dancing today as she was when we walked in the door 9 years ago! I could go on and on, but Janet Hays is like a second home to my daughter. She looks forward to receiving her 16th year recognition and I look forward to watching her do it!
— Stacie Grilli
This will be my daughter’s eighth year at Janet Hays and Company. The instruction she receives, coupled with the enthusiasm and dedication of the teachers, has transformed her into a beautiful dancer. More importantly, the staff teach her how to be a member of a team and how to shine on stage. They instill self-confidence, self-esteem, and ensure their students know the value of goal setting and the benefits of hard work. The teachers are engaging, patient, kind, and genuinely care about the children. With the lifelong friends my daughter has made at this studio, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.
— Lori Pash
My daughters began dancing at Janet Hays and Co. nine years ago when I was looking at a program that would take my 2 1/2 year old. She loved the summer program and had so much fun that we signed up for the school year and haven’t looked back! I love the way that the studio runs the recitals. By breaking them down by age range and having several smaller recitals, the students and parents do not have to sit for hours for the recital. Even my young son enjoys the recitals when they are not as long! The teachers and staff are always so kind and helpful.

One summer, my girls participated in the Dancing at Kennywood. They struggled to get all the steps to the dances in the short rehearsal times since they were young and used to learning a dance for a much longer time, and Miss Cathy made sure that Miss Christine was able to help them and have some special rehearsals, one on two, to help them get caught up and ready for the performance. They were so patient with the girls!
— Kirsten Bruder
My daughter took a summer dance class when she was 2 1/2. We came back for classes when she was 5. She will be starting her 12th year at Janet Hays and Company. She left for one semester to take a class elsewhere and she cried every class. I called and we were welcomed back. My daughter has enjoyed dancing here. She expressed an interest in being a part of Show Biz kids. When she was invited to join them, she was so excited. She has learned so much over the last 12 years. She not only has become a lovely dancer but her confidence has soared. She is shy but you wouldn’t know it when she is onstage! Her love of dance shows. I have Janet Hays and Co to thank. I also appreciate the wonderful and tasteful costumes our girls wear. I always recommend the studio when asked.
— D.W.