We are located near the border of Upper St. Clair and Bethel Park (three blocks from USCHS) at 71 McMurray Rd. in the Brookside Office Park.  You'll find our entrance in the rear of the building.

Studios 1, 2, 3 & 4

Our school includes four spacious air-conditioned studios, allowing for great flexibility in scheduling.  Families are often able to schedule siblings in different classes simultaneously!

The rooms are equipped with professional Marley and foam supported wooden floors.  Each classroom also has an observation window; parents are welcome to observe at all times.

Our fourth studio features our gymnastics equipment -- a tumble track, practice balance beam, and a variety of tumbling aids.




Waiting areas

While you are welcome to drop off your child and run errands or visit Wiltshire Park a block away, you are also welcome to make yourself comfortable in any of our waiting areas.  We often see parents and siblings having dinner or doing homework while they wait.  Also, dancers can use this space to do homework or grab a bite during a break in their schedules.


Locker room

Next to the waiting room is our girls locker room, with showers and changing rooms. 

Parking lot

Even at the busiest of times, there is ample parking in our complex!